An Evening of Conversation with Ms. Jeannine B. Scott, at Eko Innovation Centre.

In ‘An Evening of Conversation’ tagged ‘Creating a Pipeline of Modern Leaders’ Eko Innovation Centre hosts Ms. Jeannine B. Scott where young Lagosians were extensively engaged on the dichotomy of leadership, creating a perfect balance between today’s leaders and the leader that the future needs. Ms. Jeannine B. Scott is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, Constituency for Africa; Founder & Principal, America to Africa Consulting; former President of the U.S.-Angola Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Jeannine B. Scott has enjoyed a long-standing career-focused uniquely on the African continent. She brings over 30 years of experience in the field of international development, spanning the private, non-profit, multi-lateral agency and US government sectors, both domestically and globally. She has travelled to and/or worked in some 40 countries in Africa; and has worked with numerous private and public organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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