Civic Tech

Partnering with developmental partners and the government at all levels in supporting initiatives & programs

In furtherance of its commitment to bridging the technology gap and ensuring more inclusion of women in technology, Eko Innovation Centre has partnered with Africa Agility and Impact Lagos to train 10,000 girls in Lagos in the next five years

Despite significant investment and resolutions around power generation and distribution, over 60% of users in Lagos are estimated to still be unmetered and this affects the last-mile distribution to customers. The inability to resolve this not only prevents supply of constant and stable electricity, but causes significant revenue leakage and adversely affects the trust the people have in the system.

At the forefront of efforts to help government respond to new developments and concerns, such as the information, economy, food security, trade, commerce and entrepreneurship, and the challenges of the growing population.

Creating a unique forum to seek answers to common problems, identify good practice and collaborate to deliver good governance



Art of Technology(AOT) Lagos is the largest tech conference in Nigeria which brings together key stakeholders from the public and private sector.

AOT 3.0 will focus on Funding and A Connected Lagos to spotlight investment readiness, regulations and policy formulations for tech startups in the tech ecosystem.


Eko Innovation Centre (with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as Title Sponsors) is promoting efforts to provide affordable meter to the populace by facilitating a meter design hackathon to improve energy distribution, monitoring and preventing revenue leakage.


Over the years Lagos traffic has been a major concern to Lagosians, spending hours on the road due to congestion on the road. Eko Innovation Centre has called out the innovators to pitch ideas on how to solve this traffic issue.