Global Security incidents are up, 65% of organizations worldwide report an increase in attempted cyberattacks.  Cyber attacks, physical security concerns and biosecurity attacks hit the ecosystem every day, and the variety of attacks has increased quickly.

Identifying and designing solutions to some of the recurring problems which would take Cyber Security, Physical Security and BioSecurity to the next level.

Security Issues, let’s Hack with Tech!


Global Climate Change Mitigation efforts fall short to achieve the 1.5°C goals. The world leaders are focusing on driving net-zero with stringent decisions by cutting emissions through cap & trade, and driving adaptation for better future resilience. However, tech innovation can be an alternative fast route that can bring the world closer to the net-zero goal.


On 8th April, 2022, Nigeria’s first ever marketing and media hackathon was launched. MarkHack, a gathering of innovators, enetrepreneurs, policy makers, media practitioners and marketing professionls on amission to create solutions to real-life Marketing and Media challenges. The goal of MarkHack is to inspire creativity and unlock mentoring to uncover prototypes, fresh new concepts and innovatiove usages of tech in Marketing and Media.


Despite significant investment and resolutions around power generation and distribution, over 60% of users in Lagos are estimated to still be unmetered and this affects the last-mile distribution to customers. The inability to resolve this not only prevents supply of constant and stable electricity, but causes significant revenue leakage and adversely affects the trust the people have in the system.


It is a Social Innovation Challenge targeting social idealists, problem solvers and curious developers in the creative community to proffer inspiring solution to the pervasive Lagos traffic. 

Lagride is a product of this hackathon held in 2019.