Building high-impact businesses' capability to scale quickly and master the ability to transition from one growth stage to another

Our startup approach is to create viable rapid growth enterprises using the Eko Model – Originate, Incubate and Accelerate the growth of 25 companies by 2024. Each of those companies must at least impact about 10 million people each. The plan to execute the strategy will employ a 3-prong approach :

Pre- Incubation

  • Continuous research by Innovation Team to answer some key questions which will help achieve result: why have innovation centers not succeeded? How long does it take a typical startup to scale in Lagos? What are the best approaches for a Lagos-based startup to build a global business?


  • Develop curriculum backed by research. The curriculum will be robust.


  • Periodic conferences to share vision and plan of Eko Innovation Center with potential incubates so there’s clear understanding of EIH value offering and why they should apply. This will help attract the best talent and teams and solutions.


  • Identify existing startups with solutions that aligns with EIH vision and invite them to apply to join the Incubation program.


  • Define application metrics and make public calls for applications.


  • Pre-select start-ups and make them go through an 6-8 weeks online curriculum (Including Design Thinking, Product Development and Innovation Practices etc.) and in a demo day, select the finalists for the incubation program.


  • This is done on a cohort basis but application and engagement with incubates is done year-round.


  • Conduct periodic hackathons and Innovation Challenge to help incubates solves complex problems as well as identify potential hires/rockstar talents thatwill further help the team succeed.
  • Ensure off-takers have periodic interactions with startups so that they can communicate their pain points and ensure these are integrated into the start-ups solutions. Interaction is monitored to ensure it does not contradict with the core values and objectives of EIH


  • During a Private Placement, we provide a seamless handoff to the off – takers e.g. VC Funds, PE Firms, Private Investors, Government Agencies etc.


  • Support the startups to be fully integrated int the national and global network and ecosystem.



A smart schedule-based service that aggregates comfortable minibuses. Scheduling commuters and packages booking based on the available capacity of a bus while taking account of the economics to operate profitably. 



Medicenta.com is the largest health and wellness directory in Nigeria, making it easy for you to find health related.


Retailar (launched in 2019) is a Nigerian based E- commerce platform that offers a wide range of quality grocery products.


Voltze focuses specifically on wide range distribution of our solar products to meet the unserved and underserved energy demand.


Initiated to close the gap of lack of competent and skilled technicians on solar and development.

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