Just like your personal identity makes you uniquely you, your brand identity is the special sauce of your business that sets you apart from every other business.

Brand identity is a powerful tool that a firm can use to differentiate its brand and imbue it with positive images, feeling and ideas. It is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers.

Understanding the need for today, you have to know that, for every business, there is a niche. If you are not in the right niche, your business will suffer a loss. Collaboration is the next big thing instead of competition. Collaboration is the special sauce that helps individuals and teams create synergy. It’s the adage of 1+1=3. If you are building for the long term, you have to implement a sustainable brand that supports rapid development.

Your brand identity starts with the following:

  • Name: Nothing is more essential to a brand than its name. Your name is your chief identifier and proxy for your firm.
  • Logo: Your logo isone of the most visible and instantly recognizable components of your brand. It has to do with everything that connects you to your customers.Your logo is one of the most visible and instantly recognizable components of your brand. A logo identifies you, differentiates you and help people remember you. That means it has to represent your firm visually, set you apart from competitors’ logos and do all this in a way that is interesting and easy to recall.
  • Colour: Of all the components in your brand identity, colour is the most emotionally engaging. Colour is a critical tool you can use to differentiate your firm and set a mood for your brand. It is an opportunity to take your identity in a fresh direction. Red is the colour of passion and excitement, orange is a high energy colour, yellow is the colour of sunshine, green is naturally identified for money or nature, blue seems to be the most universally appealing colour in the spectrum, purple is the colour of royalty, pink is a great colour for brands with a soft or luxurious identity. Brown/black is viewed as modern or sophisticated.
  • Typography: This refers to the font you choose for your branding materials. It is important to choose your brand font wisely. We have the serif fonts, script font, display font and the sans serif font. To be able to select the right topography, you have to make a host of decisions like what personality do you want to convey, do you want to look modern or traditional, do you need more than one typography, are you trying to be buttoned up or approachable, etc.
  • Voice: Your brand identity isn’t all visual. It has an important verbal component called your voice. Your voice is the way you write and in some cases, talk about your firm. Your voice is the most compelling when it fits your brand strategy.

Humans are visual creatures. We process visual information more quickly and viscerally than we do words. When you develop a thoughtful identity system – one founded on a deliberate strategy – you can make a great impression at every touchpoint in your business development and client delivery processes.


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