SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Monetize Your Expertise

Market Watch has estimated that the semantic knowledge base industry will be worth $33 billion by 2023, with year-over-year growth of 10% through the rest of the decade.

Research shows that the highest-paying business in the world is the Knowledge Business also known as Information Marketing Business.

Research shows if you studied in Nigeria up to your higher Institution stage, you would have acquired a Minimum of 17 years of Formal Education: 

• 6 years of Primary School 

• 6 years of Secondary School 

• 4 Years Minimum Higher Institution based on your course 

• 1 Year NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) 

• And this only gives you a 15% SKILLSET of what makes you excel in Life


Anything, Anyday, Anywhere

There Are 3 Major WAYS: 

• Through Education Formal way (in a traditional classroom and Informal way (self-study, viewing videos, reading articles, participating in forums and chat rooms, seminars, and coaching sessions) 

• Through Experience Volunteering, mentorship, etc. are methods of acquiring knowledge 

• Through Exposure Observation is a form of acquiring knowledge

So, What Comes To Your Mind When You See The Word “SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE?” 

Monetize Your Expertise, We’ve two keywords here “Sell” and “Knowledge”

What is SELLING? 

Selling is an all-out effort to convert others to your way of thinking or buy your product or service 99% percent of the success of your business will result from the success of your selling efforts.


Knowledge is simply knowing everything about something Knowledge connotes two key words Know + Edge What you know gives you an edge in Life but the application of what you know in the marketplace is what creates massive wealth for you.
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