If you want to attract investors, customers, or just get people excited about your ideas, you will need to master the art of pitching.

Pitching is the ability to tell in a concise way what your startup does and deliver the message across in a right way.

        How to pitch

  • Know your audience:  who are you pitching to? Know their need, what they care about and the best way to satisfy their need.
  • Tell your idea in a story. This way, it’s easier for your audience to forget about your product.
  • Visual aids slides is advised.
  • Align your thought patterns with your goals consistently.
  • Know the likely questions that could spring up during your presentation and approach them early enough.

Types of pitches and when to use them

  • Twitter pitch – This is best when you meet someone at an event and they have never heard about your company. Give a catchy, punchy line that explains your company in few words and doesn’t bore the listener to death.
  • Elevator pitch – The idea is that, this speech should last as long as an elevator ride. Maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Competition pitch – Is longer than the first two and need to be presented with a pitch desk. It is crucial to replace words with images. Maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Investor pitch – You need to engage the listener, make sure you spend time on the problem, solution and of course traction. Maximum of ten slides is required.         

When pitching, avoid missing product highlights, too much details, pitching for too long, and memory lapse.

Being the best doesn’t guarantee you will get the business. Having the best pitch does. For you to come up with the best pitch, you have to practice, practice and practice.


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