Abraham Lincoln said: ‘’Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’’. Moving from an employee to an entrepreneur is a plan that has been backed by action, drive and passion.

Note to yourself;

  • Be sure before you leave your current job to be an entrepreneur.
  • Have enough experience. Learn from both successful and failed entrepreneurs. Never believe in everything that supposedly entrepreneurs tell you. It works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. The successful entrepreneurs you know are not perfect and you are very different from them. At one point in their lives, they failed before success happened. There will be disappointment, you’ll trip and you will fall, but never give up.
  • Focus. Go for what works for you and what you have interest in. Many ideas and concept are killed in this process. Many entrepreneurs believe they’ll succeed, but they lack the basic business skills to back up that belief.
  • Network. Networking is an extremely valuable way to develop your knowledge from the success of others, get new clients and tell others about your business.
  • Funds. For you to move from the corporate world to be an entrepreneur, you must have raised enough capital for startup through either saving or investment.

Age is just a number when it comes to being an entrepreneur, start when you have possessed the aforementioned points.

Dinosaurs are extinct but birds, frogs and lizards survived because they adapted.


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