THE POWER OF PLANNING: Building A Winning Business Plan.

 ‘’ It is better you measure 7 times and cut once ’’ – Russian proverb. The quote above underlines the need for thorough planning before executing any action. There is an old tale in which the grasshopper was playing around while the ant passed by, toiling with a large ear of corn he was taking […]

Discovering, Creating and Communicating Your Product Value.

People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. Before a product is manufactured, you have to discover why there is need for you to produce, create and then communicate in order to actualize a sustainable product value. Ideate. Think about solving a problem through your ideas and innovation. Evaluate. Check and weigh […]


Digital Innovation is the process of using up and coming digital technologies to either modify or create new business opportunities and processes. Technology has empowered customers to get what they want, whenever they want, and how they want it. Whether you run a multi-billion dollar financial Services Company, or are a self-employed interior decorator, chances […]


If you want to attract investors, customers, or just get people excited about your ideas, you will need to master the art of pitching. Pitching is the ability to tell in a concise way what your startup does and deliver the message across in a right way.         How to pitch Know your audience:  who […]


Abraham Lincoln said: ‘’Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’’. Moving from an employee to an entrepreneur is a plan that has been backed by action, drive and passion. Note to yourself; Be sure before you leave your current job to be an […]

Grow Beyond Entrepreneurship; Become A Leader.

   Leadership is the fuel that sparks business growth; the best leaders are relationship builders. The end product of every entrepreneur is to get an outstanding result. To get an outstanding result, you must be a leader. Winning steps of becoming a successful entrepreneurial leader: Communicate: A leader have to communicate the vision and goals […]


Executing flawlessly is an endless pursuit of perfection and the achievement of your goals and objectives. It is the desire for success that makes you give out your best performance. For you to succeed, you need to identify your value proposition.                 HOW TO EXECUTE FLAWLESSLY PLAN: Identify and analyze the opportunity or problem, then […]


The world currently operate in a VUCA environment( volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in a global environment). However, to win in the future, you need to learn to communicate your creation and innovate your way out of VUCA.  In Nigeria, where there is an unstable policy tension, high level of insecurity, climate change, civil unrest, […]


A lab to market roadmap has to be possible with the help of technology. Digital technology helps you see your business through your customer’s eyes. There are three easy steps from lab to market, they are; Identifying Market Needs: What ideas can your ideas solve? You have to identify the gap in the market. You […]

Creating An Innovative And Sustainable Brand Experience.

A brand that captures the mind is going to gain behavior, and another brand that captures the heart is going to create commitment. How to create an innovative brand experience: Mission statement and vision: Figure out what you stand for by creating a real mission statement. You need a one sentence summary to guide how […]