The Role Of Design In Driving The Growth Of Tech In Nigeria

Nigeria’s tech scene is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Startups are revolutionizing industries, offering innovative solutions in health-care, finance, education, and energy. But what’s the secret sauce behind this meteoric rise? The answer lies in the power of design.


Design in tech goes beyond aesthetics. It encompasses two crucial aspects: Brand Design and Product Design. Both play a vital role in driving user adoption, investor confidence, and ultimately, business growth.

Brand Design

Brand design bridges the endemic trust gap in Nigerian businesses. By crafting clear messaging, compelling marketing materials, and a strong visual identity, brands create a sense of familiarity and security. This translates to increased user adoption of new technologies and record investments from local and international sources.

Culturally relevant design goes a step further. It fosters deeper connections with target audiences. Take Paystack and PiggyVest, for example. Their brand colors (blue) were chosen through design thinking, leveraging the color’s association with trustworthiness and calmness – perfect attributes for fintech companies entrusted with users’ finances.

Design-first companies have a distinct advantage. They can swiftly translate user needs into intuitive design solutions, enhancing user experience and unlocking new revenue streams. Conversely, companies solely focused on the technical side often struggle to gain traction due to a lack of user-centric design.

Product Design

Product design ensures technological solutions are accessible and inclusive. User interface and user experience (UI/UX) principles play a crucial role in incorporating context, accessibility, and broad market reach. This allows previously marginalized users to participate in the digital revolution, a feat unimaginable just a few years ago.

Modern design tools empower rapid prototyping and testing at minimal cost. Imagine building your entire app before seeing if it even works! Design tools help tech companies iterate quickly and efficiently, saving valuable resources that can be reinvested in innovation.

The Analytical Edge
Good design goes beyond aesthetics; it incorporates analytical tools that help brands understand user behavior. This allows for continuous improvement of performance and customer satisfaction without resorting to expensive surveys or marketing campaigns.

Africa is poised to become a global tech powerhouse. To achieve this, solution providers – startups, established companies, and even governments – need to embrace design-first thinking. By prioritizing user needs, crafting culturally relevant experiences, and leveraging the power of data-driven design, Nigerian tech can continue to scale solutions for more people, faster than ever before.

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Posted By Eko Innovation Centre