The world currently operate in a VUCA environment( volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in a global environment). However, to win in the future, you need to learn to communicate your creation and innovate your way out of VUCA. 

In Nigeria, where there is an unstable policy tension, high level of insecurity, climate change, civil unrest, yet the population is growing bigger. Once you are looking at these weak signal, you need to begin to think. What are the things you can able to put together to form an opportunity to create the future. when this operational capability is established, then you move to your dynamic capability.

Framework for Dynamic Capability.

Ideate ————- Create ————– Innovate.

  • Ideate: The two critical tools for ideation are future casting or scenario planning. This tool is a well-established approach used to model the future and to help organizations make strategic decisions needed to capture value and drive future innovation. Research and evaluate how the world may change, identify trends and what new products and services may be needed as a result.
  • Create: The process of creation involves design- thinking. Create a new business model/ prototype and test it.
  • Innovate: Innovation is commercialization of invention. If you don’t innovate now, it hurts you in the future.

Now that you have ideated, created and innovated, you need to test your innovation on VRIO (Value. Rarity. Imitability. Organization) model; to know the result.

There is no better way to innovate than now. Go and do it.


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