Discovering, Creating and Communicating Your Product Value.

People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it. Before a product is manufactured, you have to discover why there is need for you to produce, create and then communicate in order to actualize a sustainable product value.

  • Ideate. Think about solving a problem through your ideas and innovation.
  • Evaluate. Check and weigh your ideas in order to know your next line of action.
  • Create/build. This phase is the birth of your new product or idea.
  • Pilot. Test the product by leveraging prospective customers to ascertain product readiness.
  • Repeat the process. Check your product periodically before you go to the market. When the product has gone to the market, spend time with your customers, this will help you to get feedback and improve in your product, it will expand your market reach and build new features.

In communicating your product, you are getting the product you have built in the hands of the customers and getting them to buy through word of mouth, social media or the traditional way (bill board, posters, magazine, newspaper, etc.).

Build fast, ship fast but repeat quickly. Take action, you never know until you try. It all starts and it ends with the customer.


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