Building A Powerful Network Of Startups.

Imagine knowing that your network is directly connected to the strength of your net worth.

Networking is a lifestyle of connecting, building and maintaining a mutual beneficial relationship through exchange of values. To create a powerful network, you need to :

  • Be proactive: Why wait until you have a need before you connect with that person? Reach out to your contact. Nurture that relationship.
  • Build your social capital: Networking is a two- way relationship, for you to receive, you must give. Giving mustn’t be monetary. It could be giving values, advice, insights or recommendation.
  • Be strategic: Look for things that interest you and join the community. Who are the people in your network? Know your gap area and balance it up.
  • Schedule time to network: Build relationships. Make out time to connect and reconnect with people through social media.  
  • See yourself as a value: Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior because they rejected you. That project failed, then try it again. Keep trying until it works.

Remember the acronym FAIL could mean- First Attempt in Learning or Forget about It Loser. You choose.

When you are constantly rejected, you simply ask for A-I-R- Advice, Insight and Recommendation. Make research, work on yourself and trust your instincts. You are the value.

Your network is the most powerful asset that you have. Use it to make giant leaps.


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